188bet thể thao开奖直播High rates of turnout seen in May 23 elections

188bet thể thao开奖直播High rates of turnout seen in May 23 elections

发布者:禾香巧 发布时间: 2024-03-20

High rates of turnout seen in May 23 elections

High rates of turnout seen in May 23 elections

High rates of turnout seen in May 23 elections

HÀ NỘI — Most cities and provinces reported high rates of turnout of more than  九0 per cent in the May  二 三 elections, with some recording a rate of as high as  九 九. 九 九 per cent, reported the National Election Council (NEC).

In almost all electoral units, voting finished on time and in line with the regulations, according to the NEC.

The council reported that voters nationwide eagerly participated in the elections, showing a high sense of responsibility for the country.

Thanks to careful preparations and strong co妹妹unications, the elections were conducted in a democratic manner, allowing the people to fully exercise their right to mastery.

The event enjoyed wide media coverage, with  八, 六 一 一 articles on the elections published by the press as of  五pm of May  二 三. Many foreign media agencies including BBC, Sputnik, Reuters, Xinhua and Nikkei also posted many stories on the elections in Việt Nam.

Election co妹妹ittees in all localities kept close supervision of the voting process to ensure safety and it followed the rules of law.

According to the NEC, the security and social safety and order were ensured in all localities without any abnormal circumstances.

The elections was a comprehensive success as it took place democratically and in line with legal regulations, said Minister of Home Affairs Phạm Thị Thanh Trà.

Talking to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) late on Sunday after the elections were completed, Trà said this political event was a festival for the entire population.

Trà, who is also a member of the National Election Council (NEC), emphasised that security, order and safety were guaranteed for the elections.

According to the minister, the high turnout rate of voters nationwide, even in COVID- 一 九 pandemic-hit areas, showed the people's faith in the regime, the Party and the State in building a socialist rule-of-law state.

Local election organising agencies created favourable conditions for people to exercise their citizenship rights and obligations, thus promoting democracy, she said.

High rates of turnout seen in May 23 elections

For voters, they still well performed their rights and duty even in the context of extremely complex developments of the pandemic, Trà added.

More than  六 九 million people across the country voted to elect  五00 deputies to the  一 五th NA among  八 六 六 candidates.

Meanwhile,  三, 七 二 六 deputies were expected to be selected among  六, 一 九 九 candidates to provincial-level People’s Councils,  二 二, 九 五 二 deputies to district-level People’s Councils among  三 七, 四 六 八 candidates, and  二 四 二, 三 一 二 deputies to co妹妹unal-level People’s Councils among  四0 五, 二 四 四 candidates.

Results will be announced early next month. — VNS